002So I am looking at this gym photo today and wondering what I was thinking!!  My head is all twisted, making my neck look painstakingly funny and I have a frown on my face.  And this picture is supposed to encourage you all to go to the gym?!!  Well, I guess that’s not really the point.  Taking these pictures started out as encouragement to me, helping me get more comfortable taking pictures.  I am in a comfortable environment – Fitness 19 – and I have on my fav clothes.  AND got my gym buddy Bailey with me.  Attaching the pic.’s to daily posts just started happening as fun.   Then they did become a silly type of encouragement to some of you, thank you for that.  Bailey thanks you too.  It seems that they have become something that some of you look forward too.  So on we go and I will make every effort to not be critical of myself in the pictures.  Maybe part of the problem with the pic. is that today was elliptical day.  Yep we were both on our elliptical’s when I snapped the shot.  That is pure enthusiasm that you see. 

Someday’s my motivation is lacking, someday’s I am tired.  When it’s elliptical day, pretty much anything can make me want to skip the gym.  Believe me there are days when all Bailey and I do is bitch the whole way to the gym about not wanting to go.  But the fact of the matter is, we can’t let it happen and we won’t.  There are about five of us who expect to see each other in the morning at the gym.  That seriously makes a huge difference when you know others are expecting you.  How many times now have I mentioned accountability?  Additionally, the habit. Getting to the point where it’s not a decision you have to make, it’s just something you do.  My daughter’s violin teacher mentioned something similar to Elizabeth at her last lesson.  She told Elizabeth that practicing should just happen.  Yes, she would have to work on making it a habit but practicing  violin should be part of a normal routine.  We don’t forget to eat, why should Elizabeth forget to practice.  Similar right?  We can certainly say the same about exercise.  It shouldn’t be an option, we should have it planned in our daily routine just as we plan for other things.     

I was talking to my Mom today and she is dealing with a foot issue.  She is excited to get back to the gym though.  It’s such a great thing when you get to that point!  Bailey and I have our friend Leah that we see at the gym.  She needed to skip the gym today and it was driving her crazy.  She was really looking forward to going.  Getting in the habit and feeling good about exercise is awesome.  When you have to miss a day and you feel bad about it and can’t wait to get back to the gym and rock it out – that is a sign of your real commitment!!

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