007 Wednesday’s are a big workout day.  I have my morning session with T and then Bailey and I head to the gym.  T never lets me down.  Her efforts of pushing me as hard as possible, making me sweat and forcing me to struggle a bit were successful as always.  She doesn’t REALLY try to make me struggle through something but she certainly enjoys the challenge of making things hard for me, pushing me.  That’s the whole point right? How do we get better, get stronger if we don’t push ourselves?  Healthy competition!  When we feel challenged and we push ourselves, that can make you feel pretty awesome. Not that I am saying Bailey and I feel awesome during or after every gym visit.  I certainly don’t feel that way after every workout with T either.  I can assure you that there are times when Bailey or I want to punch the other and you know there are times I wanna punch T.  Hell I would guess that T wants to punch me sometimes too!!

Bailey and I work out at the gym 5 sometimes 6 days out of the week.   We don’t mess around when we do cardio.  We are sweaty hot messes when we finish up.  Then we focus on a certain area that we want to tone and we do several things for that area.  Cardio – always!!  Weight machines, yes, almost every workout.  Free weights, yes!!  Do not be afraid to use free weights!! I know the gym can be very intimidating.  It is less so if you have a partner in crime.  I have mentioned this before but it has been awhile so I will remind you.  Other gym goer’s don’t care about what you are doing.  If you need help, ask someone.  Don’t get frustrated and avoid doing certain exercises because you don’t feel comfortable.  Don’t limit your gym time or visits because you are not sure of what to do.  Ask!!  

We want exercise to be fun, yet challenging and we want to see results!!  Have a great day!!

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