Obviously this is not my regular gym photo with Bailey.  Why am I laughing inside about having typed that?  Cause I know I will get a text or post from Bailey with a smart comment!  Anyway, this is my dog Milly.   Bailey isn’t feeling great today so she is going to stay home and rest up, she has a very good reason too.   I’m still not able to do a solo photo, which I said I was going to work on, so I made Milly take one with me.  Funny thing is she hates having pictures taken too.  I am not joking either.

So instead of the gym I am going to take a run.  Thursday’s I go to Elizabeth’s class and help which means I can run to and from the school.  I think it’s about three miles.  Making adjustments to my routine, gotta do stuff like that don’t we?  I’ve told you all before, just because something comes up and you need to change your plans a bit doesn’t mean you should skip your workout.    If something comes up on a planned workout day do your best to find someway to work exercise in.  That is often one of the first things that we will choose to skip.  Find some way to workout regardless of how little time you have.  Keep the habit going!!

There comes a point when we have to force ourselves to do the things we need to do to get healthy.  Eating healthy, working out – it’s a conscious effort.  I don’t wake up in the morning ready to go.  I sometimes wake up thinking about ways to get out of doing things I don’t want.  I will think about what I can say to Bailey so I can get out of going to the gym.  I will try to justify to myself why it is ok to eat something unhealthy.  It’s a choice.  Somehow we have to find a way to push those negative thoughts and ideas out of our heads.  In the end it comes down to a CHOICE.  I battle that shit daily.  It may be somewhat easier for me to make the choice to workout and eat healthy but I can’t choose to be ok with how I look.  Most of us will struggle with choices regarding our health, please just don’t give up!!!  Making the choice and not giving up and don’t punish yourself for slip ups.  Choices, not giving up and no punishment.  Those are three of the biggest overall tips I can give you.  I am a work in progress and most likely always will be so my advice never comes from a place of thinking I know it all and that I got it all under control.  My advice may help you reach a goal and I hope it does.  After the goal is reached, hell I am still working on that!!!!



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