Good day to all!!  Hope you all are having a great Friday!!!  Gym is done and time to continue on with the day.  Bailey is home being all crazy doing yard work.  We took our gym photo today and then laughed.  Not at our photo, although it is rather silly, but because we wondered what other people must think of us.  I’ve told you before that no one pays attention to what others are doing while working out BUT when you are taking photo’s every day, hmmm we just wondered.   People must seriously think we are jackholes right?  Who does this?  Us!!!  Seriously though we do it all in good fun. 

Heading into the weekend I wanted to share a quick conversation that Bailey and I had with our friend Leah.  Kind of an addition to yesterdays post along with my friends opinions.  The conversation was about how much better you feel when you go to the gym.  How the rest of your day goes so much smoother because you have energy.    I’ve told you all how much better I feel when I just make myself workout.  Well, two of my friends agree.  Both said that when they’ve missed a day they really end up being sorry they did.  When they’ve had a crazy morning and exercise is the last thing they want to do, they’ve come to realize that working out pushes them through that phase and makes their day go better.  They both said that they would rather do a quick cardio circuit, no matter how brief, because they know they will feel so much better.   Most people don’t go skipping and singing into the gym but you may find yourself singing in the midst of your workout and you’ll have some pep in your step when you are done!!!


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