Good Morning everyone!!  The change back to my original theme has been well received.  I should have known better than to mess with it.  I picked the original purple theme for a couple of reason’s – 1. I just liked it and 2. not only do I blog about weight loss but epilepsy as well.  Purple is epilepsy awareness.   So back to purple it is.  I hope you all have some great things planned for your weekend.  We are playing it by ear a bit this weekend.  We do have a couple of things but we are not as busy as normal.   We are planning to head over to the Relay for Life later today.  My gym buddy will be there today along with family and some of the girls from her dance studio – they are of course her family as well.  Elizabeth want’s to go watch the Senior girls dance and make her donation.  It’s suppose to be partly sunny and 60 but it’s 54 and rainy right now.  VA has the most unpredictable weather. 

We are very low-key right now, daughter and husband are upstairs watching a movie and I am downstairs sitting with the dog.  None of us are in a rush to do anything.  I am leaning towards this being a day off for me.  Think I am going to make this a rest day from workouts.  Since I am planning that, I will have to watch my food choices.   By rest day I mean I am not going to focus on activity at all today – I do that sometimes.  Now most likely I will be moving more than I think but I am not going to have it forefront in my mind.  

Regardless what your plans are, try to stay focused on your goal.  Try to do one of the two things I always blog about.  If you are going to skip exercise then eat healthy.  If you have a dinner or something planned then be sure you get your workout in.  Sometimes that’s what we gotta do over the weekend.  Just remember to not fall off completely!!  Have a great day everyone!!!

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