Hi!  Hope you all have had a great weekend so far.  We have a lovely Sunday ahead of us.  I am up with Milly dog, we are sitting in the sunroom with the door cracked so she can run out and chase the squirrels.  The birds are chirping, I have my coffee and am listening to a bit of Josh Groban.   The rest of my family is sleeping but I will have to wake them soon, Elizabeth has violin lessons today and we have to leave in about an hour.  Dance and music, that is what Elizabeth loves.  Oh and she and her Dad go out back and play catch.  I admit I was surprised to see her catch the ball and more surprised at the throw she has.   

I mentioned yesterday that we were going to go to Relay for Life and watch the senior team girls dance, we did and they were great as always.  So glad that my daughter has relationships with these very sweet girls.  They are always so kind, just love them!!  Elizabeth and her friends supported their team and made their contribution to cancer research. 

So I guess I should discuss how my day went exercise and food wise.  I did not exercise.  I was fairly good with my food choices BUT I confess to you all that I drank soda!!!  Ugh!  I love the stuff and aside from stinking ice-cream, soda is a big issue for me.  My water intake was minimal.  Coffee and soda were my beverages of choice!!  Today my hands are puffy and when I wear socks I will probably have indentions around my ankles.  I am totally going to pay for yesterdays choices today!!!  So water it will be.  I have several things I need to do around my house so I will be moving today!!  Probably will need to stay close to home because flushing out my system is going to be necessary.  I am moving on, no punishment for my slip ups!!  Push forward if you had a rough day!!  We are all going to keep up with our great work!!!

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