Upon adding this picture to my daily post, I thought to myself – why does my face look long as a horse’s head?  I got like another half a face on Bailey.  Seriously?  That is what I noticed!  Not, oh hey we are at the gym getting healthy!!  We just ran for 20 minutes, go us!!!  Nope – horse face!!  These photo’s are a joke and I am criticizing what I look like?  I think I need to smack myself for that!!! 

Twas a rough weekend.  Moving was hard and eating healthy with the effort towards clean, that was rough too.  Dusting it off and starting a new week.  Bailey sent me a text this morning asking me if I was ready for this week!  I admit I could only respond with a smartass comment.  I am not truly geared up to knock this out this week BUT it’s not an option.  Off to the gym we will go this week and then I will do my few things at home that I usually do.  It is never-ending and sometimes it annoys the snot out of me.  I think just accepting it is all you can do.  You don’t always have to be happy about the healthy lifestyle you decide to follow but you follow it anyway.  I’ll be a snot, a bitch or maybe funny and happy but regardless in the end I get it done. 

I think about epilepsy sometimes.  I certainly could sit and cry about my epilepsy if I wanted.  How is that gonna help me?  I know my situation is what it is and it most likely won’t change.   My meds can make me tired and cranky and crazy but guess what, it passes.  I’m in great health other wise.  I think it would be a great thing if people understood that epileptics are all different.  None of us have the same seizures.  Most of us will keep our seizures over the seizures of another epileptic.   Epilepsy does not make me sick but sometimes my meds can make me a little cray cray.  Many of you that I actually know didn’t know this about me and I realize that some people find it interesting – many people don’t know a lot about it.  I will tell you how I am though.  Those of you who follow my blog or have recently started, u will know when I am bothered.  No front with me!  I shall never lead you to believe that I have any of this shit all figured out,  I know that I most likely never will.   You will know when I am pissed and ugly or when I am game on. 

I am bouncing about today so I apologize.  I sit here typing on this blog, having a good time while my sister sits day after day with her mother-in-law who cries in pain – she is sick.  She can’t keep pain meds down.  She would give anything to say she wasn’t sick and my sister sits with her and can’t help.  Why am I bringing this up?  My stomach is twirling a bit.  I worry about my weight, I worry about how my epilepsy affects Eric & Elizabeth and I think about trivial matters that believe me are not worth my time.   My husband doesn’t bat an eye about my epilepsy nor does Elizabeth so this is completely my issue.  So these things are on my mind this morning & then I talk with my sister.  Now I am grateful that what I am concerned with is my biggest worry.  Do any of you ever get a reminder like that?  I guess I have just had a reminder that I should keep things in perspective.

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