A spin on the gym photo,  I just felt I should shake it up a bit.  Bailey saw this bird picture and we thought it was hilarious.  Though I should be the one with the sideways head, I told her since it’s my blog she had to be the “one friend”.  We’ll see what hits us tomorrow!

Hope you all are well.  I mentioned on my home page that Bailey and I were going to try something new with cardio today.  We asked yesterday about the elliptical and what was the best cardio for us to do.  I’ve mentioned many times throughout this blog that we both hate the elliptical.  So much so that we are willing to do what it takes to get the best cardio in and try to avoid the elliptical.  We were given a  few options to go with but today we had to go with what was available.  The stair step machine.  We have tried this before and neither of us felt like we got much out of it.  HA, now we know why.  We didn’t  have the intensity level set high enough.  Now, I don’t say that with cocky attitude like we are so bad ass.  Our cardio is fairly good though because we do it everyday.  We had to work to get to the level that we are.  So level 11 is what we were told to try on the step machine.  We did and it was hard!!!!  In 12 minutes, we burned more calories than we did doing the elliptical for 20 minutes.  Enough said, bye-bye elliptical!!!  We saw our friend Leah and told her about the treadmill cardio and she was up for giving it a try.  20 seconds walking, 20 running – 12 minutes.  She did it and liked it!   She could feel it and it was done!!! 

Don’t be afraid to talk to the people who work at your gym.  I have and would approach anyone at Fitness 19 with any questions.  It’s easy for me to tell you to not be intimidated but really try not to be.  Ask someone what they think would be best for you.  What type of cardio and what weight exercises.  We are all at different levels and you want to do what workouts are best for you.  You want to get the best results and make the most of your time while your working out.   Keep your focus on your goals and work hard!!!  Have a good one!

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