This is a beautiful pic that was taken right after we completed our 12 minutes of kick ass cardio.  We split it because we both wanted to do the row machine.  So we alternated doing 6 minutes on row and 6 minutes doing a 20 second walk, 20 second run.  Let me tell you that I would take a 12 minute run over doing row period!  However, it is clear that the row machine WORKS.  Bailey and I can run three miles no biggie.  6 minutes on the row – holy cow!!!  We are wondering how we are gonna get to 12 minutes. I have a feeling we are both going to be feeling that tomorrow.  The new cardio schedule will continue!

Hard as those 12 minutes were, I have to admit that I feel pretty energetic right now.  My body is a bit tired but I feel like I have quite a bit of energy.  For Bailey and I, we really like finding the most effective cardio.  Obviously that is what most of us want.  We both enjoy going to the gym but neither one of us wants to be there all day.  We both have other commitments so we have to get in, get it done and be on our way.  Everyone has busy lives and most people can’t spend hour upon hour at the gym.  Make the most of your time while your there.  That’s why I suggest you get with someone at your gym and get some recommendations.  If you are working out at home, try some different DVD programs.  The important thing is that you find something that works for you AND that you can stick with it!!!  Not every program works for everyone.  I’ve done P90X and Insanity for example.  I know people who do them all the time and really like them.  Play around and find what you like.  Sure makes exercise a lot easier if you enjoy it.  Bailey and I don’t mind cardio but if we can do harder cardio for less amount of time – sign us up.  Make it work for you!

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