Do you all ever have days when you just feel like everything within you is a fight?  I certainly feel that way some days!  I have been trying to keep my PMS at bay as much as possible the last few days.  I can tell you that I have not been successful! Thankfully my husband and daughter find humor in my nibbiness and I acknowledge my grouchiness.  We all make it through unscathed.  I have been fighting emotions over my blog.  Am I helping anyone?  Am I saying anything that is useful?  I don’t want to be shoving thoughts and information out there that isn’t viewed as helpful.  I am not at all happy with my weight at the current moment.  I have a couple pds. to drop to get back to my comfortable maintaining weight.  Is that trivial?  I can’t decide today.  Epilepsy frustrates me so often.  I’m reading so much more about it now.  I read about some people’s situations and I wonder how they manage.  Then I look at my dealings with epilepsy and am thankful.

Several friends tell me that I inspire others, I struggle with that.  I think that is a hard thing to have sink in for most people isn’t it?  I don’t look at myself that way.  I guess people who inspire me probably don’t always think of themselves as inspirations either.  We never know do we?  I am certain that my cousin didn’t know I was going to see his posts on facebook today and think about what an inspiration he is.  Yes, I do indeed have a heart.  He made me smile today and even a little teary eyed and he doesn’t even know it.  Am I answering my own question?  Maybe so.  I certainly think I could  stand to give myself a little more “grace”.  Another hard thing to do.  We’re gonna struggle & battle within ourselves BUT we should always remember the above – you never know who you are inspiring.

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