Why do so many women put so much pressure on themselves?  Myself included.  This conversation started with my friend Stacey and then continued with Leah and then on to Ms. H.  So many of us feel that we aren’t doing a good enough job at something or several things.  Many of us compare ourselves to others at times.  The house isn’t clean enough, not enough attention given to children, yard work, jobs, no exercise, etc.  We see friends, hear what they’re doing, read about them and we question ourselves.  Wonder why we don’t have it all together.  I told both Stacey and Leah that my thought is, we may see someone who appears to have it all together but that person is probably wishing they could get more organized/be more productive.  Do you all remember the movie Clueless?  Alicia Sliverstone said “full on Monet” at one point in the movie.  From a distance it looks really great but up close it’s a big old mess.  So many of us put pressure on ourselves, thinking we are a big old mess, never imagining that someone else might be wondering how we keep it all together.  Ms. H said she knew of a survey that asked several women what bothers them the most about themselves (something to that effect but you can see where I am going).  Most women said that they put too much pressure on themselves.   Across the board – WE pressure ourselves.

I’m not saying that we are all comparing ourselves to each other and complaining all the time.  Additionally, situations come up that are extremely stressful.  It’s just that many of us can so easily put ourselves down and question why we can’t do better.  My husband gets on me all the time when I am ugly about myself, my efforts.  I’d like to work on that.  I don’t want to feel that I am bad at things, punish myself mentally because I don’t think I am productive enough.  I’ve come a long way on the cooking thing but I am not Betty Crocker nor will I ever be close.  My family is ok with that, now I have to be.     

I encourage you all to exercise but I do realize that many of you may not be able to every day.  That is why I always encourage you to pick a program that you can stick with.  You will feel so much better.  Make it work for you.  We gotta find a way to stop being so hard on ourselves.  None of us are “full on Monet’s”!!


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