Hello everyone!  Hope your day has started off well.  No gym today so I am trying to motivate myself to get going here at my house.  I shall be honest with you and tell you that working out at home is much harder for me than it used to be.  I still do it BUT it isn’t as easy for me as it used to be.  I have to lite a fire under my own ass.  I have become so dependant on workout partners that when I don’t have one, it’s just flat-out harder for me.  When I try to encourage you to workout at home if you don’t belong to a gym, believe me I understand that it is not easy.  When I know Bailey is going to be in my driveway or that T is going to be knocking on my door – that changes everything.   Working out alone can be a total forced thing.

How do I get passed that?  How do I make it happen?  It’s not a choice.  I literally tell myself that I have no option.  I put music on that motivates me and I carve out the time.  Never mind that I may be listening to Josh Groban sing in Italian, it’s what I like.  Fast, pounding music isn’t what always gets me through a workout.  A five-minute fat burn on the treadmill with T at that gym, that may require some Boom Boom Pow!


I took a break from typing and went in to my gym at my house and did my workout.  I did several of the moves from the ballet exercise article that I posted, I like the ones with weights.  I also did some P90x moves.  I mix it up.  I usually always do push-ups and if I want cardio – I add some jump rope and Burpee’s.  I’d never admit the burpee part to T, I hate them but they work.  Stepping away from some of the pressure that I put on myself, did some exercise and I feel better.  Yes, while listening to Josh –

Josh Groban Awake








Never think for a second that I believe tossing in that workout is easy for everyone OR that it is easy for me.  Some days I’d love nothing better than to sit and watch The Shining.  I know if I do that though, the rest of my day will be a struggle to get things done.  I have to stay one step ahead of fatigue or it will win.  Keep positive and keep going!!

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