Hello everyone!!  Well I guess you noticed that I did not blog yesterday.  Sorry about that.  Busy day and heading into a busy weekend.  Bailey and I did go to the gym yesterday and we did 12 minute high intense cardio, then weights.  We went back again this a.m. and we did a fast bike ride.  We are keeping our time to 12 minutes and we have found that we are moving faster and burning more calories.  We are pushing harder and getting more done but doing it in less time.  Leah text me today and said she is loving doing the walk/run in quick intervals.  If you are looking for a change up totally give it a try.

I have now been three days without my scale and so far so good.  I miss it a little because I don’t have that check in, the assurance that I haven’t gained weight.  I DON’T miss it because  I don’t know what I weigh and therefore am not bothered.  Hoping this slight love/hate continues or gets better.  I certainly don’t want to go in a negative direction.  Who knows, there’s always the possibility of me forcing Bailey and Leah to help me drag the scale into the ladies bathroom at fitness 19.  There is no way in hell this chick is stepping on that thing where others can see.  We’ll remain positive and keep fingers crossed that we don’t go down that road.

Dance competition tomorrow, all day my friends.  So that is what I’ll be doing.  There will be running, lifting, pulling and tugging.  By that I mean me getting my daughter ready to dance.  Just in case any of you thought I might be the one dancing – fear not!!!  I won’t be blogging tomorrow.  I shall try on Sunday but I am pretty sure we are going to be tired.  I’ve got my days planned, I hope you do.  Set a schedule you can stick with and make it happen.  Have a good weekend!!

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