May 26, 2013

I always get a bit stressed when summer rolls around.  I try to stay positive about being successful but lets face it, I totally worry about it.  It’s no secret that I worry when I don’t have a regular check in with T.  She keeps me on my toes.  I can do it though, we all can.  I know getting to the gym everyday isn’t going to be as easy.  I go on vacation a couple of times during the summer.  Bailey has things going on, so does Leah, T, Ms. H – I can go on.  So I make other plans too.  I will certainly hit the gym when it works out BUT I also have plans with my girl Stacey.  We will pick a workout program that can be done at home.  Last year it was insanity.  No thanks Shaun T., gonna pass on you this year.  We have decided on P90x 2.  That is an option friends.  My girl in the UK is digging Gillian Michael’s right now.  Give something like that a try.  You can tailor it around work, kids, vacation – whatever.  I will tell you that planning a home workout takes a big stress off of me.  I will go to the gym too, this just gives me a back-up and the comfort knowing I have exercise covered!!

May 9,2013

One of the questions I am asked most often is how I keep weight off.  Do I have any tricks to maintaining?  Well I have to admit it’s nothing fancy.  First, don’t over analyze your weight like I do.  I am working on that and getting better, none the less.  The last two summer’s that I have maintained weight, maintaining was my focus.  I did not pressure myself into thinking that I was going to drop X amount of weight or get to the gym X number of times.  Summer’s get busy with kids home, vacations and family visiting.  Go in to your summer with a realistic goal.  I realize that sounds too simple, that I should have more to suggest.  My first summer following a big weight loss, I wanted to stay at 180.  The next summer, I wanted to stay at 160.  Now both summers I had ultimately hoped for weight loss BUT I didn’t go in with that as a goal.  BE REALISTIC.  When you are following a normal daily summer schedule, that’s when you stay focused.  Use those low-key summer days to stay focused and follow your healthy daily routine.  I can’t stress enough what it means to plan.  If you have a vacation scheduled, plan.  Acknowledge that you are going to eat out and may have some wine – whatever.  Just don’t give yourself vacation passes.  It’s a healthy lifestyle we are trying to live.  When I go to my parents, I eat things I don’t eat all the time.  I know I have mentioned moderation – it doesn’t really work great for me on a regular basis but it does for a lot of people.   I can really only implement moderation while on vacation.  Think about it – how you can plan for summer.  What your can do to make it work for you.


May 5, 2013



May 1,2013

2nd Summer time tip:  Drink lots of water.  Summer is the perfect time to increase your water intake.  It gets so hot here in VA, water is a must!!  Below are two links that discuss intake of water and how it relates to weight loss.  These are just two.  There are hundreds of articles that explain the positives of water and how it makes you feel full, keeps you from retaining water and the wonders it does for our skin.  Seems like a silly, easy tip for me to mention but most of us don’t drink enough.  If you do a little reading about the benefits, it may just give you that extra boost you need to make water intake a priority.




April 27,2013  Too much criticizing

Summer is approaching and bathing suit season is just around the corner.  So many of us LOVE pulling the old swimsuit out or heading to the store to buy a new one.  Lets face it, most women don’t enjoy the first reveal in a swimsuit.  We of course feel better as the summer moves on but that initial showing can be painful.

This section of my blog is going to be dedicated to summer tips.  Things that I have done over the last two summer’s that have helped me maintain my weight loss.  I will also be posting additional info that I find and think you all may find interesting/helpful.  Please know that some of the things I will suggest, I still struggle with.  I will forever be a work in progress.  I will suggest things to you all that are reminders to me.  So here we go!

My first and most important tip:  Stop being so critical of yourself and wear your summer clothing with confidence!!!  Sounds rather hypocritical of me to say I know.  It may surprise you to know this but I actually can be positive.  I have my down phases, like as of late, but I have also had moments when I thought I was pretty bad ass.

WE ARE OUR OWN WORST CRITIC.  WE SEE THINGS THAT BOTHER US ABOUT OUR APPEARANCE/BODIES THAT OTHERS DO NOT SEE.   Please watch the following clip.  It is amazing what we see and what others see.


We’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t change something about themselves.  It’s all good and well to joke as long as we don’t truly believe the jokes.  We must find the good.  I can be one of the worlds worst when it comes to how I feel or how I describe myself.  Last summer when I wore my bathing suit I felt great about it.  How?  I wore confidence with it and I focused on the things about my appearance that made me happy!

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