Time to move on from the frustrations that plague me and focus on those things that give me joy.  So many happy things but most of the time, especially recently, I have only harped on the bothersome.  Let me go ahead and add that my focus of late has been trivial as well.   I don’t want my friends & family to feel as though they constantly need to encourage me.  I have pushed myself to the limit with this whole scale/number focus.  I am pretty sure that the person who wrote the above quote didn’t intend it in a negative sense.  How about we not push ourselves to the limit of complete frustration and annoyance.  The last thing we want is to give up on our health goals.  The scale and number are no longer going to limit my success.  I am not going to let it have a hold on me.  I know it isn’t going to be easy,  and yes my friends it may take me a few days to get out of the baggy clothes.  I will talk myself through this daily.  I don’t have a choice but to move on from this hold that the scale and number have on me.  My last few posts have expressed my frustration and me basically admitting that I need to tackle this.  Well I am!!!!  I refuse to be frustrated!  I don’t want to know my limits, I will challenge myself everyday.  Whatever is putting a limit on your success, squash it.  It won’t be easy but make the decision to do it.  I am deciding today that I only care how I look and feel.  T can break my scale, I don’t give a crap!!  Ok, I might cry a little but I’ll get over it.  If it’s soda, don’t buy it.  Ben and Jerry’s, they’re not allowed in your house.  Decide!!  Won’t be easy I know, I am going to be right there with you.  Are you going to let something decide what your limit is or are you?  F off scale, I don’t give a crap anymore!!!


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