Good evening!  Well I have to tell you all that I just sat down to watch Ghost Adventures and I realized that I had not yet made a post.  Very odd day today, I was busy but I am not sure doing what.  I did go to the gym, Leah and I went – Bailey had some things to take care of.  I came home from the gym, was busy and then my daughter was home. 

I am completely good with having no scale.  Feeling great about it going into the weekend.  My neighbor Stacey and I have some P90x2 on the schedule and I am really looking forward to that.  I feel like my little rant over my scale and my weight has brought a touch of light.  The grouchy cloud has lifted.  It certainly isn’t easy to always be positive and put a smile on the face everyday but it makes a difference for me when I can.  Some days its just a choice that we may be forced to make. 

Once again I am going to be trying to get updates and changes done.  I really am trying, I’m busier than I expected I think.  Its good though, I am having so much fun doing this.   The links to sites, groups, fitness/health and epilepsy – its been great and keeps me busy.  I apologize for being a bit behind though.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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