Hey everyone!  I hope your weekend is starting off well.  We had tropical storm Andrea pass over us yesterday but it was not as bad as initially thought.  Lots of rain early but overall we were not hit hard.  So time to get going.  I am trying to match the motivation that my husband has.  He is all over the house getting things done and I am working on my blog or reading.  Not that it is a bad thing or that I think I am lazy.  He certainly doesn’t.  He is a huge supporter of my blog!!  But it is time for me to get busy like him and get some things done.  For instance, if I battle my stupid Tupperware cabinet one more day – I am going to scream.  That is one thing that must be done.  I can’t pull one piece out without the whole pile of Tupperware crashing onto the floor!  I am going to get some stuff done.  I can motivate myself to get to the gym or workout at home but I’ll shove that Tupperware back in the cabinet day after day instead of taking 10 minutes to straighten it up.  My moving today is going to be housework!! 

One other thing, have any of you tried Beadbody’s Turbo Fire?  My friend Charleen mentioned it to me yesterday and now I want to try it.  She is going to let me know what she thinks about it.  I can get a little anxious when I hear about things that sound interesting or I get something in my head, I want to know about it or do it right now. 

I am off to get busy!! I hope you all have a great, productive weekend!!!

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