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Hope you are well today and have a fun day ahead of you.  I said yesterday that I was going to get motivated and tackle a few things around my house.  Did I do it?  YES!!  My Tupperware cabinet is so beautifully organized I actually considered taking a picture.  You can open it without everything tumbling out and all pieces have been matched up.  Almost brings a tear.  I continued on with another cabinet – pots and baking pans.  We have a pots n pans hanging rack so most of what we use hangs up.  There are a couple of pots and the baking pans that are used now and then so they have their place in a cabinet that is indeed frightful.  Probably worse than Tupperware because pots and baking pans clanging to the ground is loud and startling.  The noise has sent my sweet dog Milly running for cover.  No longer though.  All pieces are in their assigned place, no more frightful tumbling is permitted.   The accomplishments felt great!  I know I talk about working out and getting that exercise in – accomplish that goal.  Sometimes doing something as simple as cleaning out your Tupperware cabinet can give you a huge sense of accomplishment, encouraging you to continue on with other tasks.  When I feel that sense of accomplishment it really pushes me to be positive, meet my goals, be it cleaning out a closet or reaching a health goal.  As long as its positive.   

I must mention that my husband was busy yesterday as well.  Three times I had to interrupt him while he was in the middle of something.  1 st – I had decided what I was making for dinner and realized the meat was bad so he had to go to the store.  2 nd – while he and my daughter were out I let a baby bird in the house.  We have a nest on the wreath of our front door.  I thought the babies were gone.  I answered the door and the babies flew out.  One jumping to the ground – my neighbor who was at the door caught my dog before she could catch the bird.  My husband and daughter came home and I mentioned the birds.  I told them that I thought there was a bird in the dining room.  They both thought I was crazy.  For an hour I kept thinking I heard chirping.  I called my daughter down and we listened.  Then we heard wings flapping.  I had to call my husband in, yes he was in the middle of something.  We found the baby bird behind one of the chairs.  He caught the bird and put he/she back out front on the wreath.  I then decided to start dinner.  While cooking I realized I didn’t have the necessary seasoning to finish the meal.  Back to the store my husband went.  I believe after that he may have decided to call it a day.  

I am an odd character.  I can have all the drive in the world to workout but some days after that I have nothing left.  I can beat myself up for various reasons.  Feeling like I am not a good wife or mother.  Feeling like I am fat and that I can’t do anything right.  I feel extremely lazy some days and honestly a lot of times I let it take over.  Medication makes me so tired that if I don’t keep moving, then I don’t at all.  With weight loss & exercise my meds have affected me differently.  My mood fluctuates, I am forgetful and I am so scatter brained that I can’t always think things through.  Days like yesterday remind me of how much my husband has taken on because of epilepsy.  How often do the three of us even remember that I have it?  It’s such a norm now that I don’t know.  I am a grown women and I need constant re-assurance from him at times.  He doesn’t bat an eye.  There are days that I feel bad about what he takes on with me and that makes him feel bad cause he’s not bothered at all.   Then I feel bad cause I made him feel bad over something that doesn’t bother him.  Ugh!  Those of you who read my blog daily know I am one extreme to other.  Well, I have a fabulous husband & daughter who deal with me everyday.  Isn’t it funny that they don’t see me as a burden but I do?  I am grateful and they keep me going.  As I have typed this, I realize neither one of them cares what our cabinets look like.  The bird in the dining room wasn’t a big deal, it’s a story to add to all of our other story’s.  Me and my cooking, who cares, they just love that I put forth the effort.  I have to stop being so hard on myself and remember that they love me, epilepsy and med side effects too.  They aren’t keeping track of what I do or don’t.  I’m the only one doing that.

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