June 10, 2013

My husband and I headed back up to UVA for two more tests and a follow-up appointment in October of 2012.  I was going to have an MRI and PET scan done.  You all know what an MRI is, a lot of people have them done.  A PET scan starts with a radioactive substance being injected into your arm.  You then have to sit in a quiet, dim room for about 30 minutes to an hour.  Then they do the scan.  The scan machine that is used looks like a big donut.  It’s not a tunnel like the MRI.  After both of the tests were done we met with my Dr.  They had reviewed the EEG and video monitoring tests but hadn’t come to any final conclusions.  Especially with the uncertainty of my freak out morning seizure that didn’t get recorded.  At my Oct. appointment we were told that they may do a 10 day to two-week monitoring test but they wanted to review the MRI and PET scan results first.  Additionally, they wanted me to have a neurocognitive assessment done.  Then the Dr. reminded us that the process is not quick.  There are several phases and it can take several months to get through all the necessary steps.  Quite frankly I was and am ok with that.  We are talking about brain surgery.  I really don’t want any guessing, I need to hear words like – certain, absolutely, accurate, etc.  I was willing to take these initial tests and see where they were leading us, was each test going to prove me to be a good candidate or was I going to remain so-so.  I left the Dr.’s office knowing another test was going to be scheduled.  I also left the appointment with a new prescription – vimpat.  Another medication to go along with trileptal, dilantin and keppra.  Would we all get along?  Oh, we shall see

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