Good evening!  Guess who is back in my house?  The scale!!  I sent T a message the other day and asked if I could have a visitation, she was reluctant but she agreed.  I promised her that I would be honest and let her know if I was starting to go crazy again.  I stepped on it today and was happy with the number that I saw.  I don’t plan to weigh myself everyday, I’d like to stick to once every two weeks.  I went three weeks this last time between weigh-ins and I actually felt pretty good.  I have to have a check in.  I will admit that it was a great feeling not having such an intense focus on the number.  I have promised that I am not going to let the scale/number drive me.  I was really feeling it though on Monday, I considered stepping on the scale at the gym.  Bailey actually threatened to take me out if I weighed and then tell on me.  So I didn’t do it.

Tomorrow is my last workout with T for the summer.  We talked about it briefly today but I have to admit that it hasn’t hit me.  I have plans at Fitness19 with my gym pals over the summer so I got that covered.  Plus my neighbor and I have plans to do P90x2.  I’ve told you all before, it’s the comfort and habit of having T’s attention.  Guess it’s time I grow up and learn to handle this whole weight loss thing on my own.


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