Hi everyone!  Thank you for noticing my absence from blogging – makes me feel special and I appreciate your support!!  I am very close to reaching a goal with my blog and hope to make it by the end of the month.  I have added some pictures to my blog files and will be publishing them later today.  A little something I am having fun with.  Bailey and I are also going to get back on the gym pic.’s.  We are going to try to put some together while I am gone and we are working out at different gyms.  That is if I can download them from my phone to my Mom’s computer.

I am very happy to have summer break officially started.  My daughter is over the moon excited to be out of school.  She and I are at my parents house until the end of June.  They live south of Myrtle Beach, SC.    We love it!  Only bad part is that my husband stays home, he has to work.  We always miss him.  We talk to him a lot, we text and face time.  My daughter does pretty good until we get in to the second week.  Then she starts talking about him all the time.  When he’ll be at my parents to pick us up, what he’s doing, what they are going to do when he gets here.

I will continue with my workouts.  I mentioned back in April, my Mom’s posh gym?  That is where we will be going.  I have also brought my friend Tony Horton and his P90x2 program.  I have exercise covered.  Now food!  Believe me I struggle at times to stay focused but I am going to try really hard.  We are heading out to breakfast in a few minutes and I want nothing more than to have pancakes but I am not going to.  I am thinking my days through.  I WILL have flounder from the restaurant down the street so I am planning choices around that.  That’s what I have to do.  I will allow myself certain foods but I have to plan accordingly.  Today will be smart choices and some laps in the pool!  Have a great day everyone!

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