Hello!  I hope you all are well today!!  I am going to get straight to it.  My motivation is lacking right now.  We’ve not been able to go to the gym just yet and the pool water is way too cold for me today.  I’m pretty dedicated to fitness but swimming in water that is barely 80 degrees, well I draw the line.  I have decided that giving myself a day or two to just chill isn’t bad.  I always work hard so a couple of days off won’t cause any harm.  Right?  Then why do I feel guilty?

Lets face it, vacation motivation is hard!!  I can struggle with health & fitness motivation while home and going about my regular routine.  Away from my regular environment, add a touch of relaxation to it and my dedication can become a memory.  We have plans to go to my Mom’s gym and we will go too.  It’s just that the first two days on vacation have been busy and hitting Health Point hasn’t happened.

Here is Bailey – working out at Fitness 19:


And this is what I have been doing, giving her a hard time about Clemson & South Carolina.  My mission is to find the Gamecocks golf cart – there is one around here some where!!


I don’t have a preference between the two but she is a huge Clemson fan and my parents are Gamecocks.

I am on it, I will get my groove back.  I am pretty hard on myself most of the time but I have to say that it feels pretty good to not have the constant thoughts going through my head about exercise and weight.  We are actually planning to go to the gym tomorrow and working out always gives me the drive to eat healthy.  If I could just find that healthy balance between the two!  I am not going to be hard on myself, you shouldn’t either if you are struggling.  All that does is give us the feeling of failure.

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