Hello everyone!  Today is my last day off from exercise.  Tomorrow my Mom and I have plans at Health Point Fitness first thing in the morning.  Today we headed to the beach and it was a beautiful day.  I got some running in.  My 8-year-old was riding the waves and having a ball.  I, on the other hand, sprinted to the water’s edge several times ready to dive in to rescue her.  She needed no rescuing, she needed me to chill and let her be.

I have enjoyed the break from exercise but I am ready to get back to my regular routine.  I won’t be at Fitness 19 and I won’t be with my gym buddy B but I will be going.  She and Leah met at the gym today and I am very proud of them.  It is weird when your routine shakes up a bit.  Not that they need me but lets face it, there are days when it is easy to talk yourself out of going.  Sometimes just that slight change is all we need to give us a pass on the gym.  I love my Mom’s gym too, it’s pretty sweet.  I am looking forward to going and so is she.  The girl who use to help her has moved and my Mom has missed her.  That change has affected my Mom’s drive a bit.  Like I said, changes in routine affect us.  Off we will go tomorrow and we are so excited.  Maybe not so excited but we are ready.  Have a great evening!!

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