Today was my return to the gym after having five days off.  I went with my Mom to her fabulous gym.  I like her posh gym, Health Point, but I am a Fitness 19 girl   Anyway, why was cardio so hard today?  Five days off and it felt like I haven’t run in five years.  We are back though and that is what is important.

Short and sweet tonight guys!! Never give up on your workout efforts.  I haven’t and don’t think I ever will.  I took a break and could have easily tossed in the towel but I am not going to.  Never give up on yourself.  I needed a couple of days off, I took it and now I am back on my game.  I may be out-of-town and away from my regular gym but I am not going to let that stop me.  I am fortunate to have my Mom to go with and her awesome gym to go to.  Make it work & stick with it!!

Pic’s will be posted tomorrow.

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