Hello!  Well I have not been very dedicated to my blog while on vacation.  I thought I would spend some time blogging and working on changes that I want to make but clearly it hasn’t happened!  I have several ideas in my head but that is where they remain.  Additionally, just because I have ideas about changes doesn’t mean I have any clue as to what I am gonna do.  I really want to expand my epilepsy section.  I have connected with a rather large epilepsy community and feel I should do more to spread awareness.  One lady I’ve connected with inspires many with her work, she has an amazing site – livingwellwithepilepsy.com.  I am not exactly sure what I am going to do to expand this section, I hope sharing my story is enough until I figure something out.  I’ve focused mostly on weight loss, many of us know the challenges of dropping weight and getting healthy.  Not many understand epilepsy.  I have kept Epilepsy as a side note, or that is the way I have looked at it.  Not for any reason.  It’s just that the initial intention of my blog was to reach people who struggle with weight.

Epilepsy is not something that shows in appearance, you can’t usually look at someone and know they have epilepsy.  For most of us, if we don’t tell you we have epilepsy its likely you won’t know.   Most of my friends know my situation.  I have also assumed that people knew and they didn’t.  I don’t walk up and share that fact about myself and you can’t tell by looking at me that I am an epileptic.  I sometimes just assume people know.  Crazy right?  I want to spread awareness but so far I haven’t been great about making those around me aware.

There is so much about epilepsy that people don’t know.  Until I started this blog there was a lot I didn’t know.  I certainly have learned a lot from the different people I have connected with via social media.  People who are affected daily by seizures and medications.  Jobs lost because of epilepsy diagnosis, headaches and shakes from medication, fatigue and memory problems, preparation for surgery and then the recovery that comes after.  Families changing everything because epilepsy comes into their lives.

I think my first step is going to be staying on top of my epilepsy history.  I would like to provide bits of epilepsy info and just gradually expand.  I am slow-moving on this blog at times so we all know it’s not going to happen overnight!  To my epilepsy pals, please feel free to send me some suggestions.  OR remind me of info that I will forget.  Thanks everyone!!  Have a great night!!


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