My husband arrived yesterday to pick my daughter and I up from my parents.  We have been gone for almost two weeks and had a great time like always.  I miss my husband and Elizabeth certainly misses her Dad but he’s glad we get to spend time with my parents.  Time to head back home and get back to our regular routine.  One part of my regular routine includes going to the gym.  I will be back at Fitness 19 tomorrow morning.  Well, that’s if Bailey picks me up.  I kinda gave her a hard time over Clemson and South Carolina while I was gone.  She may just make me walk.

I gotta get back to eating right and working hard cause right now I don’t feel good.  I only went to the gym once and my Tony Horton disc’s never came out of the bag.  We did walk and swim so there was some moving but no weights or cardio like I normally do.  I told my Mom one day while we were talking that I just get tired of thinking of about it.  I am tired of always thinking about what I eat.  This trip was really hard when it came to that.

I have done great and been able to stick to my routine in the past.  Spring break I wasn’t great but I worked out everyday.  This vacation I was awful.  I think because I am where I need to be weight wise I lose focus easier.  When I was still trying to drop weight I was so much better at staying focused.  I worried about maintaining but I did it.  Trying to maintain while on vacation this trip – what a battle!!!  My summer tips section that I did, the suggestions I made – they do work and they have for me.  Now I need to figure out how to maintain my goal weight.  I have maintained weight during my weight loss process but this is my first summer maintaining a goal weight.  Holy cow, can I possible make this more ridiculously difficult on myself?  Gesh!

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