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Hello!!!!!  I am home and today was my first day back at the gym.  It was painful!!!  Bailey and I can bust out cardio.  We can run at a pretty good pace for a couple of miles and its no biggie.  It was a big deal for me today.  How is it possible that my cardio ability went to crap that quickly?!  I can’t believe how hard it was today.  I went to the gym one time while at my parents and we did some walking and swimming but no cardio like I normally do.  Does it die that fast?  Apparently it does because I was dying today on the treadmill.  At one point, the dang thing almost threw me off the end.  I entered my speed change and I didn’t hit enter hard enough.  I didn’t realize it though until I slowed my pace thinking I had hit it but instead almost flew off the end.  Thank god Bailey didn’t notice, she would have laughed.  I had already laughed at her for tripping while walking to the treadmills.

So back on track we go.  To help with this, I am starting a new section.  Not quite sure what I am going to call it just yet but I am starting a new page.  It’s going to be a way of making me accountable to you all and a few of my friends as well.  More detail about daily foods and exercises or possibly lack there of.  My daily posts are random and I do mention things here and there but I am going to start a section that is more detailed.  That way if you don’t want to read about what I eat or what exercises I do you don’t have to.  I am going to add a few people, I won’t use names unless they don’t care.  I have texted Bailey and told her she is in – nice of me right?  I have three others who have said they will do it, now I just gotta get Leah.  Oh maybe my sister too.  Anyway, my point is to show how different people battle health goals.  My Mom, she’s a little older (the guy at the nail salon we went to thought she was my sister), me with epilepsy and being a stay at home mom, a friend of mine who works and has children with busy schedules, another friend who had surgery, works, has three kids with busy schedules and then Bailey who is a youngin, works has a little boy and is pregnant.  Taking a look at how different people handle and struggle and work through different schedules and different situations while trying to meet their goals.  I won’t publish it right away because I want to get a bit written first but I will let you know when I publish the page.  If any of you are feeling pumped about sharing let me know, I will gladly include you!!!

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