I was back at Fitness 19 today with Bailey and Leah and guess what?  I didn’t die!  It was sketchy for a bit but I did make it through.  Bailey did not trip while walking to the treadmill like she did yesterday, therefore, I was not smacked in the face by karma.  In case you missed yesterday’s post, she did trip and I laughed thus causing me to almost face plant it on the treadmill.  Karma!!  The lesson?  Don’t make fun of your friend prior to doing something that might cause you equal or greater embarrassment!!

The three of us pressed on and did our cardio, followed up with our favorite arm circuit.  Well, saying it is our favorite is probably pushing it a bit.  We find it to be hard but very good.  So favorite in the sense that we feel very productive!! 

Working out and eating right is a hard commitment.  I never find it easy.  It is a conscious effort on my part every single day.  I seriously wish I could forget about it.  I tried to forget while I was at my parents but in all honesty I just put it in the back of my head.  I just didn’t care.  It was harder for me to maintain healthy habits while being at my goal weight, then it has been to maintain weight loss during different stages of my journey.  It always will be, I just have to accept that.  Over the course of this blog I have realized that some of what I consider to be healthy is in fact not.  I have some awful habits that I have to break.  I’ve been told I have damaged my system and it is in need of repair.  Certainly not looking forward to that but I can’t get to where I want to be if I don’t.  As this blog has progressed a lot has come to the surface.  I have had all intentions of being a positive influence, to motivate.  I hope I haven’t blown that by revealing that I have crazy issues to work through.  Words to you are reminders to me!  Have a great night.      

p.s. – the new accountability page is up with a brief introduction.  I will be adding more and plan to have additional info up by tomorrow evening.

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