Hope all is well and you all are preparing for a fabulous 4th of July.  I have appropriately titled my post saying that I know whats best.   What do I mean?  That I know the better ways to lose weight.  Well I don’t but I certainly think I do.  Actually, I do have the general idea of whats best but I decide to go with my ways.  I am not sure why, fear maybe.  It’s what I always did when I was younger so its comfortable.  One extreme to the other.

When we struggle with weight we get so frustrated!!  I wish I could say that the frustrations go away as you drop pounds.  Actually they do and they don’t.  Excitement as the pounds come off but frustration when you plateau or don’t reach a weight that you want.  In the beginning this blog started out so positive, I really wasn’t expecting this to be difficult.  I can’t believe I didn’t think about weight loss and the ongoing struggles.  Why should I be shocked that some of my posts have or will detail continuing battles.  I fooled myself in the beginning thinking that I was going to be all motivational and inspiring.  I forgot that I was still going to have shit days that I would need to try to blog through.  Much harder than I thought. 

I am lucky to have people who are educated in health and fitness who want to help me BUT do I listen?  Nope.  I choose to believe that I know whats best and go along with my crap ways.  I have been given great information about health and some great tips.  Information, suggestions and tips that I have passed to you all, it is what was given to me during my journey.  T pressed it on me daily and it all worked too.  Now I am deciding to go to my old methods.  This makes T mad but she knows that our friendship prevents me from accepting what she says now.  I could do it as the weight came off, not so easy now.  I can’t even take a compliment from her anymore.  Accepting advice and suggestions from Fit19 – I believe every word and I want to do as advised but I am struggling to do it.  I want the information, I want to listen and I want to do it.  I am at a loss as to why I can’t.  I have moments when I eat normal or even too much.  Those moments are short-lived.  Then I go the other way.  Truth comes out on this blog.  I’ve eaten more food then one person should eat and I have also starved.  Which is worse?

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