Hello everyone!  I am on day two, learning to eat the right way and be healthy!  I made it through day one and actually did fine.  The water was hard to drink but I got through a good portion of it.  I’ve told you all in the past to seek help at your gym if you are not sure what types of exercises to do or you are not sure how certain machines work.  Ask questions, get the help that you need regardless of what it is. That is what I am doing with nutrition.  I followed instructions yesterday and I am half way through today and still on track!!

I have been doing some thinking and I believe I may have an idea where my food battle stems from.  I was a competitive gymnast when I was younger so my activity level was off the charts.  I ate and never really thought about diet.  I mean I was reasonable but I was able to keep a healthy weight without really thinking about it.  My gymnastics career ended when I was a sophomore in high school.  I stayed active with track and cheerleading but I was nowhere near as active as when I was in gymnastics.  I remember being 128 to 132 that last year of gymnastics.  When I stopped, I went up to 140.  I think that is when I started with bad habits.  I honestly don’t really know but a good guess.  

Can’t make progress, regardless of what it is, without truly admitting to ourselves that we need to and want too.  I am tired of food battles.

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