July 14, 2013

Here is a bit more info on my group.  No one in my group is looking to lose an extreme amount of weight, we do have goals though.  In general the six of us are looking to get healthy and find balance.


Me – My relationship with T has turned into that of parent/child when it comes to food.  She just said that to me.  I want to listen to her but I can’t.  Tony, who owns the gym I go to, is trying to help me.  It’s such a mind game with me.  He doesn’t really care if he hurts my feelings, he is very straight forward about what I am going to do to myself if I don’t change.  SO, I am not starving or not eating enough, I am eating the amount of calories, carbs, protein and fat that he has told me to eat.  I am also drinking a crap load of water.  I am only half-way to the amount I will eventually drink and I feel water-logged.  Overall though, I feel pretty good.  I think I might actually have some energy.  During the week I get up ready to go to the gym and then once I come home I crash.  Add my meds to that and it can be pretty hard for me to get stuff done.  I am actually feeling like I have energy.  I am being serious about health and am trying not to focus so much on a number.


Bailey – As I mentioned in my last post to this page, she is pregnant.  She is still going to the gym consistently during the week and is keeping up with cardio and weights.  She has had to make some modifications but she is still getting her workouts in.  She teaches dance so she dances almost every night.  She and I have tried a couple crazy methods to drop some pounds.  Back in the fall she found a seven-day cleanse and wanted to try it.  You could only eat certain foods each day but as much as you wanted of them.   We got through four days but day five was too much.  Beef and tomatoes, that’s all we were supposed to eat.  We stopped at that.  Shortly after that cleanse she told me she wanted to workout and eat reasonable.  She wasn’t going to put so much pressure on herself.  Her struggle currently is eating more of the right foods.  She can control portions but she struggles with healthy foods.  She is not a fan of a lot of fruits and veggies.  She would like to be able to make healthier choices and implement them into each meal.

Leah –  She has a busy schedule and used to put a bit of pressure on herself to get to the gym.  She totally rolls with it now.  She just makes it work.  If she has twenty minutes to workout, she gets to the gym and does it.  She has three children and works from home.  She has to plan her mornings so she can get her youngest down for a nap.  Nap-time is precious work time for her.  She teaches and does her work on-line.  Very busy.  Kids, housework, gym, errands and work all have to be planned out.  She has a good system and is at the gym consistently during the week.  She does great with food choices during the week but feels she struggles more on the weekends.  Something many of us find difficult.  We fall off a little and then tell ourselves to enjoy it cause we’re going to get back on track at the beginning of the week.  She regrets it when she does that.  She has mentioned to me that she’d like to drop a couple of pounds but mostly she wants to stay consistent with workouts and not fall off track over the weekends.

Stacey – She works several days over the course of a week.  Currently she is working evenings.  She has three children all in different activities.  They rarely have a free evening – one of the kids usually has something.  She had gastric by-pass surgery three years ago.  She was miserable the first couple of months following her surgery.  She dropped weight very quickly.  To this day she struggles with eating and drinking at the same time.  She does not regret her decision now but she has told me that she wishes she had worked out on a regular basis as she was losing weight.  She doesn’t need to lose any more weight but she wants to workout.  Her muscle definition is ridiculous.  She can work out three times a week for two weeks and have definition in her arms.  Like Leah, kids, housework, errands and work keep her very busy.  She struggles making time for exercise and that is what she wants to work on.

Jodi (longtime friend) – She and my sister are actually good friends.  We’ve always gotten along well and have kept in touch over the last 7 months.  She works and has three children.  She has a schedule much the same as Leah & Stacey.  She has lost weight but puts a lot of pressure on herself to lose a bit more.  She battles with the scale.  Her husband hid it from her once because she got so bad about weighing herself.  She runs and participates in marathons.  I have to say, I think she and I are similar in some ways.  I think she may kinda be an all or nothing person as well.  She does great and will drop a couple of pounds and feel good.  If there is a hiccup, she’ll get frustrated.  The scale can dictate how she feels about herself.

Mom – She is retired and enjoys playing golf.  She has good days and bad when it comes to eating healthy and having the motivation to get to the gym.  She has a weakness for Pepsi.  We are both similar, soda and sweets can get us every time.  She has had very good stretches, working out and eating healthy.  Then she has days when she is frustrated and she feels like she should just enjoy herself.  At her age why should she care?  That is what she’ll say to me.  She knows the answer without me saying anything.  She’d like to drop some weight but more importantly, she wants to be consistent with workouts and healthy choices.


So there you have it.  A bit more on all of us.  Updates to come!!!

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