Hey everyone!  Hope you all are enjoying your summer!  We are but it is very hot!  Getting right to it, I have been sticking to the current nutrition plan and overall I will say it’s going good.  I am using my fitness pal on my phone and it is a good way to track.  I have linked with several friends and its pretty neat how it all works.  I may have mentioned this, or I did on the comment feed on the app, you have to watch the calorie recommendation that you are given.  I am adjusting my calories as I am instructed so I am not going by what the app says.  Several of my friends though are being told to eat the same calories.  Jodi, Leah and I were all  given 1,200 when we all signed up.  Jodi’s 5′, Leah is @5’4″ and I am 5’7″.  I read a little about it and apparently 1,200 calories is a standard to use for a sedentary person.  That is what I read, I’m not a nutritionist – clearly!!  It does give you calories back as you enter exercise so there probably is a method to it, just something to be aware of.  Anyway, I do think the app helps.  It makes it easy, I don’t have to think about it. Since I do struggle with the whole food thing, easy tracking helps me.  So there is that for ya!  Haha!

I am increasing my calories and water.  I no longer feel water-logged.  I am actually finding the water to be easy and pretty much look for it now.  On the downside, I weighed today and I gained weight.  Accept and move on.  Reminding myself of the reasons I committed to this whole new plan!!!!!!  Healthy healthy is what I am trying to get to.  Back away from starving to get to 138 and being skinny fat.  Get healthy, whatever the number right?  Positive today but next week I may go in to the gym pissed off and all positivity out the window.   I was told I would gain a couple of pounds, I didn’t expect 10!!  I should be relieved because expected weight gain was more like 15.  My body fat was measured today, I was not allowed to look but it was better than expected.  I am sticking this out.

I have been a roller-coaster with food.  A few glimpses of healthy.  Back in the days of gymnastics and when I first started loosing weight while working with T.  In both instances the scale determined how I would deal with food.  After gymnastics ended and I had a slight weight gain, my first thought was cut way back on food.  After I got to about 160 while working with T, best way to drop more weight?  Cut back on food.  Once I reached a certain point,  T, family & friends were only successful at irritating the shit out of me when trying to discuss my health.  T used all logic possible, no response from me.  God why is that?  They’d have been more productive talking to a brick.  I have a daughter & husband who mean everything to me.  Thinking about them is happiness, our little life Eric & I say so often.  Having Tony at the gym tell me that I was just going to stop working one day scared the crap out of me.  No emotion like T.  Choose one or the other was basically it.  Take the positive from my journey but definitely ignore my stupidity!  Repairing damage is not fun.


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