Wow is it hot out!!  When I heard the weather man say that it was going to get hotter, I wanted to throw something at the TV.  He was chipper about it too!!  It’s too hot to go to the pool!  At our neighborhood pool there is an adult swim at quarter til every hour.  I have concerns about my daughter sitting out for 15 minutes.  Yikes!

Today was a busy morning for Bailey, Leah and I so workouts are being done on our own.  I am going to use this hot weather as an opportunity to stay indoors and clean.  I have not let my weigh-in from yesterday get to me and am moving on.  I didn’t weigh this morning and am going to try to wait until Wednesday.  This hot weather does help me consume my required water intake.  Lets stick it out!!  We need to think long-term health goals and work to get there and stop focusing on where we think we should be today.  Good advice given to me.  Have a great day!  SUNSCREEN  if you are out and plenty of water!!

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