Another hot one here on the east coast.  I, along with several of my friends, bitched about all the rain weeks ago.  Now we are complaining about the heat.  One of my friends went to the pool yesterday and told me it was too hot to sit out and the water was so warm it didn’t cool you off.  As I type this post it is 88 degrees outside but the heat index is 100, it’s not even lunch time.  So what did my daughter and I just get done doing?  We were outside going up and down the street – her learning to ride her electric scooter and me running beside her.  Now we are trying to cool off.  That wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

Bailey and I had a good workout at the gym today.  Cardio, two leg machines and then shoulders/arms/back.  The next two days will be more low-key activity.  I’m pressing on with my calorie intake.  This seems like it should be such an easy thing right?  Add more calories?  Well, I worry that I will never get to the weight I want if I do that.  I am trusting that it will work.  I know it will.  What if I can’t stop eating though?  That’s a fear.  Then there is this, I have something to do next weekend.  I immediately go to the mind-set, just a couple of pounds and I would look better.  It’s a struggle to NOT cut calories in half!!  I won’t but the thoughts don’t stop!

I have seen a few quotes recently that encourage you to say nice things about yourself every morning.  At least one nice thing.  Ha, I know some of you are laughing.  I can do sarcastic, nice – not so much.  Anyway, for the last three days I have been telling myself every morning that I can do this.  I can.  The advice I was given today – patience, fix my mind to fix my body.  Have a good day everyone!

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