Good Morning everyone!  A quick early post.  Yesterday was a bit rough.  I was talking to my Mom and our conversation reminded me of struggles I had back in the beginning of this journey and ones I have now.  Committing to our goals.  The multiple times I tried to lose weight and it didn’t work.  How I would tell myself – I’ll start Monday or once I get back from vacation.  Now my focus is eating right/enough and drinking water.  Mrs. H sent this to me yesterday –

I found it rather perfect since I am a person who struggles so much with food.  Committing to weight loss was very hard and now struggling to maintain a healthy weight and doing it correctly.  We can’t keep putting the decision off.  It really is one or the other.  I am not trivializing the decision either, trust me I do know how difficult it is.  The back and forth is no fun, it is annoying.  Certainly there are still going to be bumps in the road.  Isn’t it better to have some bumps on the way then to not be trying at all?  I said I would turn my habits around but I’ve let my emotions get the best of me too.  Weakness, giving up and just plain ugly.  Basically wavering on commitment.  I’ve lost over 100 pds and I refuse to lose this battle.  Dropping weight to be skinny or thin, wrong mindset.  Fit and healthy.  I was so annoyed with myself yesterday.  While cleaning I did some serious thinking and decided that this constant preoccupation I have with weight has to stop.  I am done with the doubt and half ass efforts.  You don’t have to wait for Monday to roll around or vacation to be over.  Decide what you want and commit.


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