I am home today with my daughter, she is not feeling well.  No gym today so I’ll be doing something from home.  Bailey and I worked hard yesterday, my arms are sore.  I did abs at home and they’re a bit sore too.  Sticking with the plan and so far so good.  The last couple of days have been good.  I have no idea where my scale is so I haven’t weighed for a couple of days.  Such a relief.  I feel that way today but whose to say what tomorrow brings.  Why did I just go there?  I shouldn’t set myself up for failure!  Why can’t I say –  It’s a relief to not weigh and I am looking forward to that continuing!!  Ugh, the way we set ourselves up to be annoyed, angry and frustrated.  Why?  We do it all the time too.  Maybe, if, I don’t know, I can’t – so much negativity.  Many of us don’t give ourselves credit, we don’t allow ourselves to believe we can be successful.  I know I can be pretty pessimistic when I think about what I can do.  The choice to be positive is ours and we all know it.  I have not weighed for three days in a row and I feel so much better.  I can do this, I am not going to turn the house upside down looking for my stupid scale.  I accept that some days will be hard but this time I am truly acknowledging that.  Four days ago after weighing I was done!  A stupid number made me want to toss in the towel for good.  The scale determined how I felt about myself.  I seriously can’t let that happen again, seriously!  Make a positive choice and stick with it.

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