Nothing like sweating in the heat while listening to the Beastie Boys, Sabotage.  I don’t really know what the words are to that song but I do hear the word sabotage.  Actually a pretty perfect word to use when talking about achieving goals, we can’t let anything sabotage what we are striving to achieve.  I reach out for support when I think I am going to buckle and fall off track and I urge you to do the same.  Stress, worry, lack of motivation – whatever it is that is getting in your way, get the push you need.  Family member or friend, someone you know who will say what you need to hear or possibly kick your ass.  Go with what works for you.  Some days we gotta dig pretty deep to find the strength.  We also have to be brave enough to step out of our comfort zone and do things differently.  Being brave and letting go of what hinders you.


This is the path I ran this weekend and I did it alone.  I needed a shove to get moving, I let something so ridiculous get to me.  But the encouragement I got turned my mood around.  I walked a bit and then I jogged, ran and sprinted.  I don’t mind doing things on my own but I usually exercise with someone – Bailey, Leah or T.  This weekend I went out by myself.  I Listened to the Beastie Boys, some Josh Groban and Gwen.  This was the end of the run today


sweaty, mess!!!  BUT worry and stress free!  Do it for you and find those people who will encourage you.  Forget what brings you down.  A healthy support system is best, respect yourself enough to walk away from what is not working.  Get that love & support from family and friends and maybe one or two people who will push you.  I mean literally push you or kick your ass or maybe throw you out of their gym.

I blog to push myself and to push those of you who read and contact me.  I’m dedicated to health and fitness and I am dedicated to sharing my story.   I share it because so many people have weight struggles in common and are trying to find weight loss success.  My 120 pounds or someone’s 5 pounds – if it’s hard to lose its hard to lose.  I’m dedicated to spreading epilepsy awareness.  I can’t believe how many people I have connected with through social media who struggle with epilepsy.  I’ve had the condition for 10 years and I am learning more and more from these people everyday.  I tell you all the good, bad and ugly.  Pretty raw at times but all in an effort to be relatable.  The pictures I have posted are there so you can see my weight transformation.  Haha, lets talk about good, bad and ugly!!  My pictures aren’t intended to impress, I’d put better ones on if that was my intention.  Go back and look at the one of me at 258 sitting with a coke in my hand.  Not a picture to be proud of.  The one above is not pretty but guess what?  I had just finished jogging, running and sprinting 2 miles.  My point is motivation so I share random pic.’s good or not, heavy or fit.  258 or 138 or somewhere in-between, you can see where I was and where I am.  It can happen!!!  I didn’t drop 120 pounds in the blink of an eye with a smile on my face the whole time.  I was pissed off a lot, T was/is in my face making me bonkers at times and now Tony’s telling me how much I should eat.  So basically I am still pissed off a lot!  Not really, it’s a process and it is good.   I tell you about it though because I want you to know that if you feel pissed and annoyed you are not the only one.   Positive far out-weighs the negative.

Not everyone wants to read a story like mine and that is fine but many do and that is why I keep going with this.  You understand the reasons for my dedication and I appreciate it.  Thanks to all of you who keep checking back.


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