July 29, 2013

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I have been to this page.  I am taking a break from my recent posts about my poor eating habits and the annoyance I have been to those around me.  Yes, I know none of you think that I am a pain but I wouldn’t want to put up with me.  SO, I am making a totally ridiculous post about Bailey and I after the gym today.  It is no secret that the two of us can act like complete jackhole’s and we have absolutely no problem with it.  If you don’t know how old I actually am you would guess me to be much younger.  Hold on, it’s not cause I really look it, its cause I act it sometimes.  I am not hurting Bailey’s feelings here either, she’s totally in on these moments.  I know this is one of those “you had to be there” moments but we have them all the time and some of you have told me you find these stories funny.  Anyway, after the gym today I suggested to Bailey that she should drive me to Starbucks because I was RIGHT!!  The gender of her baby was revealed over the weekend and I was correct!!  Once again we found much humor while waiting for our coffee.  I gave her my debit card and then noticed I have several of those cards that you can use at different stores for points.  She mentioned one, It’s for a fabric store.  I have no crafty bone in my body therefore she found it funny I had a fabric store card.  Well OUR comedy ensued.  She wondered what they would do if she seriously handed them the fabric store card as a method of payment.  Then we rolled – No? You don’t accept fabric store cards? Oh, how about this grocery store card, yes? No, ok.  Oh, Library card? hmm, no.  Oh a Netflix card?  It says free?  Oh right it does say free movie.  So basically you’re saying it has to say Starbucks on it or be like a bank card?  Got it.  We went back and forth between us.  And yes, we were laughing pretty hard.  As we pulled forward, a van backed out in front of us and there was a sticker family of like ten sticker people on the back!  We wondered what they do with the extra people that don’t have a seat?  Maybe they didn’t need to ride very often?  We stopped there because that could have been a whole other discussion!!!  We laughed our asses off, we’ve had a huge sticker people discussion at Starbucks before.  A big thank you to the white van because that topped off our Starbucks run!!

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