How’s everyone?  As I was in the midst of weight loss, I didn’t like using the word diet.  I have come to realize that the word diet doesn’t have to be so negative.  I think many people hear the word diet and automatically think of food restrictions.  I know I do and always did.  No, no I am not giving some sort of vocab lesson – ha!  I am the last person that you want doing that.  I’ve gotta keep a dictionary close by so when my daughter asks me what certain words mean I can give her accurate info.  The most recent?  Revolution.  Anyway, our diet simply means the usual foods that we eat.  Even when I say food restrictions.  That’s not a bad thing either.  It’s something we like but we don’t want it to be a part of our diet on a regular basis.  My diet used to consist of fast food, cakes and soda – I could go on.  For a few reason, you can go to past posts to catch up on all that, I am really trying to look at things in a more positive light.  I am not placing restrictions, just deciding that certain foods work better for me.    Until recently I never drank enough water.  Many of us are probably not drinking close to the amount we should.  When I was told how much I should be drinking, wow, I wasn’t even at 50% of that.  Add the fact that I am epileptic and take enough medication to tranquillize a horse, my liver and kidney’s were screaming for water to flush them out!!  Diet isn’t a negative word.  Working out, certainly not a negative word.  How many of us think of working out as a pain and a negative?  I did in the beginning.  Some days I am not up for it but I don’t think of it as a bad thing.  I just push through it and am always glad that I did.  For me it seems like a lot of words associated with health have a tie to being overweight.  Most likely because I was extremely overweight.  Certainly it could just be me, I know my brain function is a hot mess.  I need to step back from what I think is negative.  Diet, gym, healthy choices, snacks, limit of certain foods/drink – all of these are just words.  They are not negative words intended to sabotage me.  I can make them negative if I want though.

My final downfall.  This is my TRIGGER – the scale.  I’ll go days without weighing and feel great.  I’ll do what I am told – watch my calories and drink water.  Body fat % is good, has dropped since doing things the way Tony has told me.  What do I do?  Scale!!  If my weight is down how can I possibly see that as a negative?  Oh I don’t!  But this dumb part of me automatically goes – oh Tony is right and its working BUT let me just cut back one day and it will drop more!!!  It’s all good though, right back on and making up for my slip up.  I’m a puff-ball with sloshy insides but I like eating and dropping weight better than starving.  Turn it around and find the positive in all that is health related.

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