Hey everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Today I am starting fresh.  Pretty sure it’s not the first time that I’ve said that but I am not ready to give up!  I’ve closed out my past stories, weight loss and epilepsy.  Of course I still have epilepsy and weight will always be a struggle for me but there is something comforting about closing those sections and moving on.  My past struggles will still come up here and there but I’m no longer pressuring myself to tell you all every detail of my journey.  I have no idea what I might add or change, maybe no big changes at all.  A friend suggested I post daily thoughts, suggestions or whatever comes to mind until I come up with something new.

My gym buddy, Bailey, is back so we returned to the gym today.  I wore clothes that fit and I think my daughter was pleased.  She hates some of my choices.  I haven’t been keeping track of my calories or water the last several days which I know is not good.  I think it’s been two weeks since my last body fat% check which means I’ve probably got one coming.  I don’t worry about that number because I have no clue what it is.  Well, I want it to be good but not knowing the actual % is good for me, I don’t stress.  Boy do I have issues with numbers!!  I can’t even be honest about my age – another number!!  I know I have trouble with the size of my clothes, probably part of the reason I prefer to wear baggy things.  A friend once said – we don’t wear our clothes size on our head or back pocket.  So very true!!!

I’ve noticed a huge change with my meds due to lack of exercise & decrease in water.  If I drop my level of cardio & water, I get these weird twitches when I start cardio back up.  I workout almost everyday but busy schedules have changed normal routines up.  I could have and should have been doing more at home and I had no excuse.  I have an elliptical, full body weight machine and free weights.  My routine has become the gym with my buddy and then a few things at home.  I couldn’t go to the gym so I used that as my excuse to do nothing.  Not working out consistently for around two weeks also affected my calories & water.  I know I wasn’t doing what Tony has told me to do.  Those choices I made have once again set me back.  I think this is probably my second big set back since I started following Tony’s rules.  It sucks that I’ve done this and it kinda pisses me off.  It’s another lesson learned and my choice is to not let it get me down.

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