Good afternoon all!  Hope your day has started off on a good note.  I’ve been to the gym today and I was in misery while doing cardio.  Why you ask?  It’s the price I pay for being dumb and going back and forth between good and bad.  The cardio misery has strangely made me feel so much better.  I have energy, which I have lacked the last couple days.  Day three of my third attempt at following Tony’s rules has started off well.

A friend sent me a note today about how so many of us battle the demon inside us when it comes to our appearance.  I mentioned yesterday that I think my view of heath has always meant thin.  She feels similar to how I do.  We both feel that when we were younger there was so much emphasis on appearance and being thin.  Thin and pretty was advertised everywhere!  That’s what I know I wanted to be.  I didn’t have pressure from my family, I never had anyone say anything negative to me.  It’s just what I saw all the time.  I remember super models were all the rave.  I will never forget George Michael’s video “Freedom”.  I wanted so much to be thin and pretty like those women.  I even bought Cindy Crawford’s workout video.  Many of those women would talk about how they could eat whatever they wanted and stay a size 2.  I don’t think I was ever a size 2.  I was an 8 and thought I was a cow!

I don’t want to pass this ridiculousness on to my child.  My friend said the same thing.  She wants so much to tell her daughter the right things, so do I.  She battles the demon inside thinking she, herself, is not thin enough but doesn’t want her daughter picking up on that.  I worry about that too.  I don’t want to over do things either.  I want to make sure my daughter knows exercise and healthy foods are about health not about our size.  We want to show and tell our daughters the things that will make them happy and healthy young ladies.  It’s scary thinking we may not say the right things.  We see so much more about fit and healthy today and I am so glad about that.  I know that’s what we both want our daughters to see.   What was the “Freedom” video about?  I don’t even know.  I don’t think it’s about “Freedom” from the pressure of being thin.




















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