Does lemonade count as water consumption?  Is there any type of water flavoring that’s ok?  I am trying so hard to get the water down.  Several posts back I told you that I’m supposed to drink 2 gallons a day.  Some days I am lucky if I can drink 1.  By the evening I am almost sick to my stomach.  Some days just thinking of drinking another glass literally makes me want to hurl.  I understand the benefits of drinking it and with the amount of medication I take I can certainly feel the difference when I drink plenty of it.  Am I the only one that finds this hard?  It’s a conscious effort, remembering to drink enough but the lack of taste makes it harder.  Sure would be easier if it tasted like Coke Zero.  So can I add something to my water?  Ugh, I know who to ask and I will.  Why do I have the suspicion that the answer will be no?!

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