A post to you all and then I must continue with my current project.  Following Tony’s rules for 5 straight days now has given me energy to get things done!!  When I follow my rules, coffee is my energy.  Six cups of coffee a day is not enough to get me through the day and push away the sleepy calls of my friend Trileptal.  My current task requires more help than coffee.  Super powers would actually be a fabulous bonus but I do not possess any.  I’m in the midst of cleaning out my daughters closet.  This task could not be completed without plenty of energy!  Piles of clothes on the shelves, hangers twisted within other hangers and articles of clothing that were believed to be lost have now been found.  It seemed endless when I started but I am beginning to see empty space.  I know it is not easy to make the decision to eat right, to eat enough and to drink plenty of water.  I’ve struggled with the balance forever and my struggle has been in all directions.  I’ve been good, been healthy, eaten too much and not eaten enough.  I love coffee and coke zero so water hasn’t been easy to adjust to.  All the positive changes I’ve been making are worth it though.  None of it has been easy.  Good moments and bad, struggles with T and questioning Tony, worry from my husband and other family members and friends.  It all happened for a reason and right now I am positive, listening and doing what I am supposed to do.   This whole process is not easy.  Believe me I know but you also have to believe that in a way it is.  You know I’m not trivializing this!!  It comes down to what each of us wants individually.  So decide what  you really want.  The decision may come easy, it may be taking the step that’s hard.  You have to believe its easy because it is up to you and you can make it happen.

Have a great day!  I am off to finish the closet, protein power bar in tow!!!

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