I had a brisk walk early this morning with T and have continued on with my project.  I’ve been going through my daughters closet all week and have been focused on sticking to the rules.  What am I going to do next?  I don’t know but clearly having a project is helping me stay focused.  I keep talking about the rules, have I even told you what they are?  The rules are eating the right amount of calories and drinking plenty of water.  Just two and I have been able to battle and question on multiple occasions.  I don’t know if the rules will be adjusted later, I don’t want to know.  Two is about all I can handle right now.  I’ve never put much thought in to how many calories I was eating.  I’ve just eaten way to much food or not near enough.  Thinking of calories distracts me from the amount of food.  I guess that sounds kind of odd.  Add in my issues with numbers, number on the scale and clothing size – seems counting calories would be difficult.  It isn’t, I detach from food and focus on being at my set calorie level.  Several weeks back when Tony first started giving me information, I would just listen.  As I started trying to do what he said I was very hot and cold with my attempts.  I battled back and forth and one time even gave some bad attitude.  That’s when calories and water became the rules.  If I wanted help, I had to find a way to deal and follow the rules.  That is what calories and water are to me, rules.  It may seem weird but it is working for me.  I actually feel like I am getting some where.  So, though I am prone to being a sarcastic jackhole, when I talk about the rules – I’m being serious.

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