Schools back in session and back to our regular routines.  I will tell you that I don’t have the most positive mind-set right now and I want to stay away from negativity.  It’s a little over the top right now so no promises that I can keep these next few posts up beat and good sarcastic.  Last week ended with several days of totally blowing it.  Not enough food leading up to the weekend and then totally binge eating.  I’m bloated and angry at myself.  Maintenance is the hardest part for me right now.  My goals are unrealistic and not focusing on what is important is destroying everything.  Some how at my age I am not able to be realistic.  Take it from me right now, you can do what you want and achieve the goals you want.  Be sensible though!  It’s crushing to me that I can not be happy with what I see, ever!!  To lose a lot of weight and then I only focus on imperfections, complete frustration.  I hate seeing my husbands face when I complain, he doesn’t see imperfections.  With all that said, I am going to try to move on.  Good luck everyone!!

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