Hi everyone!!  Hope you had a great week.  Having acknowledge that I have a lot of  anger that I have stifled for quite sometime, I am now thinking about what I should do with said anger.  I could go in many directions with that but I am not going to.  Since I’ve no conclusions as of yet I am going to tell you that I’ve messed up my facebook pages.  Some how my blog is posting to my personal facebook account.  When I make a comment or post a picture from my phone it is a toss-up as to which name it posts as.   Will it be Fitepileptic or Michelle Bey?  Who knows.  I know how to fix it from my blog so its got to be something from the facebook side.  Not a big deal really but my apologies if my blog posts on my personal page.  I’ll work it out while working on where to put my anger.  Ha!  Have a great weekend everyone!!

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