A fabulous morning here on the east coast.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Getting the grocery shopping list ready and will be heading to the store in a bit.  I’m not a great cook but the fact that I am planning ahead and fixing something is a joy to my husband.  He used to stop at the store almost every night and ended up being the one to cook.  Because I don’t drive, grocery shopping falls on him or I have to ask a friend to take me during the week.  He never complains though.

We are heading into the second week of school and this week my daughter’s dance classes start-up.  She’s had about three weeks off and is now ready to get back to practices.  She has a lot of energy built up and is ready to get back to work.  We are fortunate to have a driving system in place which allows our daughter to participate in this activity.  Her dance schedule is later in the day so our part in the driving is picking-up.  My husband picks-up sweet little girls who have decided he is the coolest!!  They love when he drives home!

So take a moment and think about what you need to do this week.  Sunday is a good day to get your schedule set for the week and that includes exercise.  Know when your going to work out and what your meals are going to be each night.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week!!

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