Sending Milly goat off soon to have her hair done.  She is an American Cocker Spaniel, black with a bit of white on her chest.  She is a hot mess!  I guess both hair and personality wise.  She really is a character.  We all talk to her with a silly voice and she has a dozen nicknames.  We love her like crazy!  When we got her my husband said that she would absolutely NOT sleep in bed with us.  The first night we brought her home he carried her up the steps with him so I could say goodnight to her, I was already in bed.  She stayed with us that night and three years later she is still in our bed.   She travels with us when we go to my parents.  She rules their house when we are there.  My parents dog Summer is so sweet so she lets her.

I can’t count how many times I have been asked if Milly knows when I am going to have a seizure.  I don’t really know honestly but if I had to guess I would say no.  I can say that if I am in a grabbing, hugging/squeezing phase, she stays very still when I hold on to her.  That sounds odd I know but my actions when I have seizures change.  I would do that though, I’d grab her and pull her close to me and hug her.  Our first dog, Boswell, he knew.  He was a huge bulldog.  He knew and he wanted to be with me when he knew it was going to be a tough night.  Strangely, Boswell started suffering from seizures himself about 2 1/2 years after we adopted him.

Most of my day-time seizures are controlled, we didn’t have a dog when those were happening.  I have different “things” that happen now during the day.  Not every day and I am better about hiding those.  I confess that I am embarrassed to have seizures in-front of others.  My husband sees it all and that is ok.  A maxed out dosage of Trileptal has made my day-time issues much better.  Unfortunately Trileptal partnered with Dilantin and Keppra still can’t control night-time.  We don’t really even count night-time seizures anymore.  Our daughter is old enough to know what goes on now so I am glad most day-time seizures are controlled.  I don’t want her to see me fall, burn myself, scream or any of the other things I have a history of doing.

I’ve no idea where this post came from.  When I started typing I was watching the time, I needed to have Milly ready to be picked up.  As I close this post, Milly has been picked-up for her appointment and the house is so quiet.  The vibe in my house changes when my husband and daughter leave in the mornings, add the dog to it – it’s just plain empty.   So I’m off to clean something and in a few hours I’ll go to the gym.  Have a good day all!

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