(made by my  friend Tiffany Kairos.  A great epilepsy advocate)

Hello all!!  Well, I think there may be an answer!!  I haven’t been great lately.  Not feeling myself.  I mean we all know that I have been back and forth quite a bit with weight and numbers.  Revealing my great dieting techniques was hard to do and I admit I still sort off regret confessing it.  Starving is easy for me, trying to eat right is hard.  I can’t be patient like Tony CONSTANTLY tells me that I have to be.  I want the weight gone now!!!  While continually having weight run through my head, I have become lazy.  I haven’t been keeping our house clean like I usually do.  I will watch a TV show and then find it on Netflix and literally sit and watch an entire season.  American Horror Story, I think I told you all about that one.  The other, Pit bulls and Parolees.  This is very unlike me.  The diet battle is one thing, laziness is another.  I usually blog, I haven’t been doing that.  I usually clean our house and listen to music, I haven’t been doing that either.  I have an answer though and am thrilled!!!

Last week I sent in a re-fill request for Keppra, one of my three antiepileptics meds.  While I was going back and forth from UVA last year, my Dr.’s up there took over handling my meds.  For those of you who don’t know much about epilepsy meds., they are a pain in the ass!!  You must try and take them around the same time each day, lots of side effects, blood levels have to be monitored to make sure you don’t become toxic, just overall fun.  I have always had a hard time remembering to take morning meds, I am good about night-time.  Because of my memory, my Dr. has me take 4 Trileptal in the morning and then I take everything else at night.  4 more Trileptal, 4 Dilantin and 5 Keppra.  When I was at UVA one change they made was adding the 5th Keppra.  Here is what I didn’t realize, my local Dr. had me on extended tabs of Keppra.  UVA had me on regular tabs.  I was taking all of my Keppra at night.  No wonder I felt like shit.  My local Dr. was horrified when he realized it!  For many, many months I have been taking Keppra wrong!!!  So it has been changed and I am adjusting.  My levels will return to normal thank goodness!  I was productive yesterday and felt great at the gym today.

November is epilepsy awareness month.  So much about epilepsy is unknown.  I have a lesion on my left frontal lobe, birth defect.  How in the hell did I go years without any problems?  Dr.’s cant say for sure.  Most people relate epilepsy to convulsions but there are so many different types of seizures.  There are many different triggers, yet some of us don’t have any triggers at all.   I don’t mind people knowing that I have epilepsy.  Many people I am around don’t realize that I have the condition.  You can’t look at me and see that I’m epileptic.  Closer friends know and have seen seizures or have seen the side effects of meds.  My family’s lives changed because of the condition.  Epileptics moods are affected by the condition, by the meds and sometimes we are misunderstood.  I count my blessings daily just like the rest of my epilepsy crew does.  In the end, not much is known and little research is done.

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