I will be saying “no stress” in my head for the next couple of days.  I don’t even know if what I really feel is stress but my brain goes all crazy on me when I really try to think things through.  We all have stress in our lives and quite honestly my stress level stays pretty low.  I do get a bit worked up when I have several things to get done over the course of several days.  I’m always telling T to stop day cramming.  I don’t know how she does it.  Some of my friends are so busy.  I’m typing and thinking about trying to get through a day like my husbands or T’s or my friends who have a little one at home or my friend that  basically lives in her car cause she runs so much.   Like I need a nap after thinking about it.  So basically what I am saying is that I know my life is low stress, I create my own stress and I totally admit it.  In the big picture it’s all trivial.  As an epileptic it is very important that I keep stress low.  Epileptics have different triggers.  I do not enjoy flashing lights, red especially.  Lack of sleep and stress, not good.  Approaching an out-of-town dance weekend can deliver just that – stress and no sleep.   There is a lot of excitement and I just want to be sure I have everything under control.  Stress and lack of sleep got the better of me at one point the last time we headed in the same direction we’re going this weekend.  This time I will have calories under control and seizures and med issues are not going to be a problem.  Positive attitude already in place.  No baby sitting will be necessary this time and there won’t be strange requests for chocolate cake!!!

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